PowerFlow Full-Service Scanning

Digitizing existing paper documentation involves scanning. PowerFlow resolves document management problems for clients in a number of ways. The PowerFlow professionals are available to consult with internal teams to create a digital plan, and to assist in transforming all paper documents into secure and easily accessible digital files.

PowerFlow also serves as a single source solution, performing the time consuming scanning process for organizations after a digital document strategy has been created. PowerFlow’s efficient and high capacity full-service production floor has the expertise, focus and capability to convert extensive paper files into an easily manageable digital format. PowerFlow’s technicians are available to handle one-time or ongoing scanning projects. Transforming paper documents into digital images ensures that files are appropriately formatted and instantly available when needed.

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PowerFlow has developed and optimized the five step methodology to successful and secure full service scanning:

  • Inventory
  • Preparation
  • Scanning
  • Indexing
  • Delivery

The importance of proper document scanning should not be underestimated. After scanning documents PowerFlow Solutions can return documents via FTP, CD, daily download, PowerFlow vault, portable hard drive, disk-key, email attachment, or any combination that fit an organization’s needs. PowerFlow’s perfected scanning process digitizes archived and warehoused documents faster and more accurately, saving businesses time and money.

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