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Organized and accurate financial reports, the lifeblood of any business, are essential for financial forecasting, bank agreements and even exit planning. These reports need to be instantly available, but require tight security assuring confidentiality. Regardless of business structure, controlled admittance ensures that authorized users have instant access to private company information. PowerFlow works with common office and financial documents including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PDFs. Without PowerFlow’s document management system (DMS) monthly, quarterly and end-of-year reports can turn into a document avalanche.

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PowerFlow securely stores and organizes important financial documents including:

  • Profit and loss statements
  • Bank statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Tax returns
  • Financial statements
  • Year-end reports

PowerFlow’s document management system (DMS) interfaces with most software applications. Implementing PowerFlow creates an organized and secure digital repository replacing file cabinet after file cabinet of paper documents and archives.

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Did You Know PowerFlow Can Securely Scan Your Financial Documents Through Their Own Full-Service Production Floor?

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