Secure and Accurate Legal Information

Documents that are legally binding require attention to detail and safekeeping that can be very difficult to secure and manage using paper only.  PowerFlow’s document management system (DMS) securely stores and organizes existing paper documentation digitally to eliminate manual errors and lost files minimizing exposure to risk.

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PowerFlow safely and securely stores legal documents including:

  • Affidavits
  • Trademarks
  • Contract
  • Records
  • Correspondences
  • Reports

PowerFlow organizes and securely stores information making response to audits and discovery requests in litigation quick and simple. PowerFlow’s information repository is thoroughly protected and can only be accessed by authorized personnel. Security settings are created to control the level of information individuals can view and manage. All revisions made to documents within PowerFlow are tracked, visibly marked and stored. This controlled user access and tracking functionality ensures document accuracy and security.

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Did You Know PowerFlow Can Securely Scan Your Legal Documents Through Their Own Full-Service Production Floor?

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