Document Management for Auto Body Repair

The auto body repair industry is overwhelmed by paperwork. The PowerFlow electronic document management system helps take control. At the most basic level, PowerFlow digitizes the Repair Order File - saving time and saving money.

PowerFlow’s automatically generated forms eliminate manual hand written documents providing information that is more accurate and easier to read. Pre-populated content including important customer information like name, vehicle information, repair order number, claim number, insurance company, etc. are generated quickly and easily. Documents are accessible in real time giving immediate control of files and streamlining business and communications.


How PowerFlow Software Works - Learn How Electronic Document Management (EDM) Saves you Time and Money!

PowerFlow Advances Auto Body Repair Shops:

  • Create and manage your Repair Order Files digitally
  • Provide real time, accessible Repair Order content
  • Automatically generate all shop forms
  • Streamline insurance and customer communications
  • Streamline and automate all business processes

How valuable would it be to have all of your documents in one secure place at your fingertips!


Implementing PowerFlow produces visible returns and immediate results. PowerFlow improves customer service by allowing employees to perform higher quality work in a more controlled environment in a shorter amount of time. Upgrade your auto body shop to an electronic document management solution that offers instant digital access.

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Did You Know PowerFlow Can Securely Scan Your Auto Repair Documents Through Their Own Full-Service Production Floor?

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