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PowerFlow Solutions has been recognized in the press for their revolutionary product and services. PowerFlow’s award winning digital document management system (DMS) has helped transform the way businesses operate.


PowerFlow Solutions’ Document Management System Repairs Holes in Frederic Roofing’s Workflow

When Frederic Roofing’s paper consumption went through the roof, the trusted St. Louis business turned to PowerFlow Solutions to install a document imaging solution to effectively track and manage all documents in a digital format.

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) September 14, 2011
Over the course of eighty-two years, Frederic Roofing has become a successful business and a household name in the St. Louis area; but, with the growth of the company, came the inevitable overflow of a necessary, yet overwhelming by-product: paper. In order to maintain the pace of their success and adapt to the digital age, Frederic Roofing turned to PowerFlow Solutions, a St. Louis based provider of document management and document imaging solutions, to enhance workflow efficiencies and improve customer service.

“With PowerFlow’s document management system, we will only become more efficient and more organized - we are knocking out five birds with one stone. Most importantly, we will have more time to do what is most important … sell roofs,” said Gene Frederic III, Vice President at Frederic Roofing.

Prior to teaming with PowerFlow Solutions, Frederic Roofing had been using a successful, yet predominantly manual process that was somewhat labor intensive. PowerFlow took the time to help the roofing company find those areas that could be automated and helped define articulate value as measured by saving in cost, time and effort. After meeting with PowerFlow, it became apparent that Frederic Roofing had the potential to remove at least 1/3 of their current manual steps with the software.

“We had considered doing this many times but no one had pro-actively taken the time to help us determine what steps had merit and what we should avoid,” said Frederic. “Brett Taylor and the PowerFlow Team opened our eyes to some real savings that would not have been realized without an outsider influence. It was an exciting team effort working in that type of manner.”

PowerFlow Solutions’s main objective is to review their clients’ current business systems and processes and customize the PowerFlow Software to match their needs. With a user-friendly interface that is immediately recognizable by anyone who has worked with paper and paper filing, the PowerFlow product is organized like an existing file cabinet, only digital: making it easier to find, use, share, collect and distribute information.
Even in the early stages of PowerFlow implementation, Frederic Roofing has noticed measurable progress in a number of day-to-day business processes. The company’s improved, online file folder reduces the time and costs that are associated with storage, search and retrieval, maintenance, and lost documents. In addition, the reliable roofing company is setting the bar for their industry in terms of speed of delivery and customer satisfaction. Customer service is no longer delayed by manual document filing and retrieval, as documents can now be accessed with the click of a mouse. Daily steps that used to take anywhere from ten minutes to a half of day are now being routinely accomplished in seconds.

“Their ‘intimidation’ and ‘fear’ of going paperless has been replaced with: ‘Wow!’ - It is possible to do this with less paper and less energy. Over the past eighty-two years, Frederic Roofing has completed 70,800 jobs without PowerFlow. I am looking forward to seeing how many we can accomplish together in the next eighty-two years,” said Taylor. “We are much honored to have a fourth generation company with such a credible reputation join the PowerFlow Family.”

About Frederic Roofing
Frederic Roofing is the most trusted company when it comes to all types of roofing, applied or repaired. With over eighty years in the business, Frederic Roofing has built a strong reputation for reliable, top-quality service on a wide variety of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Frederic Roofing has been in the business since 1929, covering the St. Louis metro area in both Missouri and Illinois, and is also licensed in Tennessee and Florida. Frederic guarantees quality installations and unrivaled customer service by having every job executed only by Frederic Roofing employees, no subcontractors. For the customer’s protection, Frederic Roofing is fully licensed, insured and bonded. For more information visit Frederic Roofing at: www.fredericroofing.com , or call: 314-645-2000.

About PowerFlow Solutions
PowerFlow Solutions offers innovative software for digital documents, now: capture, index, archive, retrieve corporate intelligence, and automate workflow. The software incorporates new and unique technologies, setting standards for digital document management for A/P, A/R, HR, Payroll, Financials, Contracts, Safety, Training, Reports, and other departments and tasks. The software is easy to understand, configure, deploy, and use: PowerFlow captures paper-based information into a customizable, electronic filing system. PowerFlow Solutions offers user-friendly software that allows instant and secure access and provides a proven disaster-recovery path. PowerFlow Solutions also operates a full-service production floor to handle one-time or ongoing scanning projects with the capability to deliver digital images in any format. For more information visit PowerFlow Solutions at: www.powerflowsolutions.com, or call: 866-475-1494.


PowerFlow Solutions Wins the Akzo Nobel National Idea Contest

Akzo Nobel’s annual National Idea Contest rewards innovation in its Acoat selected National Performance Groups. The February, 2009 contest attracted 140 ideas presented by 140 companies, divided into seven groups. The winners of the seven groups made it to the finals. Each finalist was allowed four minutes to present their idea in the final presentation.

PowerFlow Solutions presented a Paperless Office System that streamlines the onslaught of paperwork associated with businesses and organizations. The software was customized to the various facets of the business, generated forms automatically, kept track of the progress, stored pictures, organized everything, allowed documents to be emailed directly from the desktop, and much, much more. This system allowed every employee to have the Repair Order file on their desktop PC all of the time. The body shop saved money and had better customer service as a result. All of these features made PowerFlow Solutions the contest winner.

PowerFlow Solutions is proud of this particular accomplishment because this award shows that PowerFlow Software has the perfect combination of value, cost and innovation making it the ideal business management software.