Secure and Efficient Document Management for the Insurance Industry

At PowerFlow we understand that document security for customer information is essential in the insurance industry.  Working with a vast number of clients, with a wide variety of individual needs results in huge quantities of paper documentation.  Secure storage and easy access of client information is crucial to running a successful insurance business.  PowerFlow’s digital document management system (DMS) is customizable to handle the unique paper storage needs of the insurance industry.


PowerFlow streamlines information sharing between:

  • Individual agents
  • Local offices
  • Adjustors
  • Corporate offices

How PowerFlow Software Works – Learn How PowerFlow Secures and Organizes Important Documents.

PowerFlow transforms documents from applicants and policy holders ensuring organization and easy accessibility:

  • Fact finders
  • Insurance quotes
  • Client profiles
  • Applications
  • Contracts
  • Policies
  • Claims and adjustments 

With PowerFlow, information is stored in one central and secure location.  When clients ask a question they expect a timely response.  Organization reduces file mismanagement and makes information sharing quick and simple. PowerFlow’s digital document management system (DMS) also automates daily office tasks increasing productivity

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Did You Know PowerFlow Can Securely Scan Your Insurance Documents Through Their Own Full-Service Production Floor?

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